Our Customers.

How Ishka used Wayflyer Analytics to increase sales by $2.5m

Ishka is an Australian, family owned retailer that’s been around since 1971. For most of these 50 years, they’ve sold their goods through brick and mortar stores. But, a few years ago, they opened their first online store on Shopify. They started working with Wayflyer in 2021 and have used Wayflyer Analytics to increase their online sales by a massive $2.5m!


Scrubbington's find a better way to fund their business

As demand for their products increased during 2020, Karen and Emma explored getting external funding to help increase their manufacturing capacity. But, when they approached traditional providers like banks, they were met with frustratingly long and complex processes. That was when they first found Wayflyer.

Sons use Wayflyer to grow by >300%

After coming up with the idea over a pint, Will and Adrian founded Sons in 2018. They wanted to help men understand the facts about their health, and motivate them to be more proactive in tackling their problems. Hear how the Sons team have used Wayflyer funding to grow their revenue by over 300%, increasing their valuation and avoiding any dilution.

How Cigar Club grew 5x using Wayflyer funding

In 2020, Jeff needed to make a big inventory order. He knew it would drive a lot of growth but didn't have the cash on hand to make the purchase. Using Wayflyer, he was able to get the funds to make the order, helping to drive his 5x year on year growth!

Pillow Cube double their sales in 2 months

After Black Friday, Pillow Cube had a need for external funding. After choosing to work with Wayflyer, they've been able to invest more in marketing and inventory, doubling their sales in just 2 months.


ModLi find a solution for their short term financing needs

As Modli grew, they needed more and more cash to fund their marketing spend and to buy stock. Banks didn’t understand their needs and ModLi's founders didn’t want to sell more of their business. Working with Wayflyer has solved the short term financing challenges ModLi were facing, allowing them to spend more on marketing, buy more stock and accelerate their growth.