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How to use finance to grow your WooCommerce store 

If you are selling through WooCommerce, and you want to grow quickly, then you need finance.

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With successful seed funding round, Wayflyer is growing to meet brands’ needs and global demand

Since making our first advance in March of this year, the incredible demand for our analytics and financing services has exceeded even our own high expectations...

D2C business

eCommerce in the Wake of COVID-19

Most businesses had no idea how long lockdown measures would last, or to what extent the global public health crisis would impact their employees and core operations. For retailers, however, there was never any doubt that the pandemic would hit their industry hard...


How to increase your return on marketing dollars through customer loyalty

How and where to spend your marketing budget is one of the toughest, most important decisions you'll make as a founder. You'll count on marketing not only to help you acquire customers, but also retain those customers and (hopefully) turn them into brand evangelists.

D2C business

Is Shopify Plus Right For You?

Shopify is the perfect eCommerce platform for startups and small-medium enterprises. But as businesses grow they may require a more enterprise eCommerce solution. That’s where Shopify Plus steps in.


Why every eCommerce company should use revenue-based financing

If you are selling physical goods online, and you want to grow quickly, then you need finance. Specifically, you need Revenue Based Finance.


Preventing the App-ocalypse: protecting your site’s speed

In order to support their engineering efforts and most importantly their merchant's growth, Shopify has done an outstanding job of creating an ecosystem of incredibly useful apps that can easily be added to your Shopify site. Here's how they may be affecting you negatively, however.


Facebook ads vs Google ads for eCommerce

In 2020, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads are part of most eCommerce founders and marketers’ toolbox. Although most beginners will follow a linear approach when it comes to both these channels (ad, site, cart, checkout), there are certain things one platform does better than the other, depending on which business you run.